A.J.Mile's Media Group, Inc.®/Cordele Arts, Inc. is a full service design & marketing company, strategically head quartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Since our establishment in Miami, Florida,
March of 1994, we have successfully developed in to one of the fastest growing design &
marketing companies in the Southeastern region of United States. We’re one of the leading
independent companies dealing with major record labels, up & coming artist, advertising agencies
and the corporate America. As A.J.Mile's Media Group, Inc.® continuously strives to offer the most creative edge in design, layout and image development; we have constructed our company to produce only the best the industry has to offer. Here we serve a wide variety of clientele so it is important that
we specialize in multiple areas. As a design & marketing company A.J.Mile's Media Group, Inc.®
offer various promotional packages to ensure your reputation is kept. With a past clientele list that includes such corporate giants as Texaco, Churchs Chicken, The Kroger Company & Bellsouth and Pfizer, Inc., we understand how important it is to give the best quality every time.

Since design is the foundation of our business, and the bread & butter in which our company lives
by, over the past five years we have continuously increased our creative level so that our clients’
product is as effective and successful as possible. With artist from various backgrounds, we are
able to develop and coordinated just about any project. From computer graphics to intense hand illustrations, from corporate annual reports to retail sales catalogs, from new creative brochures to effective advertisement ads, A.J.Mile's Media Group, Inc.® has the able to handle it. That’s why
our company is divided in to two (2) major industries, Corporate/Small Business and Entertainment.

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